Celebrating Joy

Alpine Stewardship 2021

As we look out our windows, many of us can observe that the world seems like a scary place.  We have a deadly pandemic, civil unrest, fear, injustice, and grief over loss of life weighing us down.  Our political discourse aims to demonize opponents instead of persuading us to follow.  We have less trust in our leaders than ever before. All round us it feels like this world is a very unwelcoming place.  So, what are followers of Jesus to do?  How do we live in such an environment?

As difficult as it might seem to believe, the first followers of Jesus did not live in a world that was all that different than ours.  From their example, we learn that during difficult times our goal is not just to “survive the times” but rejoice at all that God is doing.  The darkness in this world cannot overcome the light because the light has defeated it.  Too often we focus on the negative stuff and miss out on the Joy of God’s blessings (even as we suffer).  God has indeed filled our lives with grace, peace, love, and joy. We also tend to forget that part of being a Christian Steward is sharing these life-giving elements with the rest of the world.

Our upcoming stewardship series this year (Nov. 8th -22nd) is going to be centered around Celebrating Joy.  The goal is to learn how to recognize, embrace, and share the joy God has given us.  This is one of the greatest gifts that we have.  The world certainly longs for and needs more joy in it right now. Our joyfulness is a huge way we combat darkness in this world.  Sharing/giving our Joy to others will not just inspire them but connect them to the God who saves.


This series will include:

3 Sundays (11/8, 11/15, 11/22) of teaching and worship on this theme, allowing God’s Spirit and word to shape and form us.

6 prerecorded online devotions/Bible studies (made by Pr. Dan) that will guide us in diving deeper into God’s word and these formational truths.  These will also help lead us in how we can respond.  The videos will premier throughout the 3 weeks.  People can journey through them at their own pace.

Celebration Sunday (Nov 22nd) where we collect pledge cards for next year.  Due to the pandemic we will to be able to have a fellowship meal on this Sunday.

I look forward to going on this wonderful journey with you, learning how to see and spread God’s wonderful joy.  Amen!

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