Chancel Choir

Richard Dowling, Director

The Chancel Choir sings a wide variety of worship songs. They perform at Sunday services and other events in the area. Beautiful harmonies and opportunities for solos make this group of men and women a delight to sing with and listen to. Talk to one of them if you would like to join.

Bell Choir

Richard Dowling, Director

At Alpine Lutheran Church there is one hand bell choir and a hand bell duet. The “Alpine Hand Bell Choir” has been organized since 1985, when hand bells were given as a memorial to the church. We play two Sundays a month during the fall-winter-spring seasons. In addition, we play at special services, such as Easter and Christmas. From time to time we are asked to play at other churches. The “Hand Bell Duet” plays occasionally at worship services, as well as at nursing homes or other churches.

Praise Worship Leadership Team

Lynn Valentine, Ministry Leader

Do you love to sing? Do you love to get others excited? Do you like to perform in front of others? This is the ministry for you! Worship leaders lead the singing with the praise band. They motivate people at the contemporary service to sing out their praise, clap their hands and move there feet. If you are filled with God’s love and just need to share it, let us know.