Vision: Provide an environment for young people to gather, learn and serve God.

Mission Statement:
Youth Connect encourages Rockford area youth to connect with one another through God and Christian fellowship. We provide a setting for young people to come together and celebrate their unique God-given personalities and talents. We encourage everyone to continue to learn about God and how God affects our daily lives, as well as helps us reach our goals and achieve God’s purposes.

Walk in God’s Path.

  • Act with Christian kindness toward everyone we meet
  • Listen to others and provide fellowship
  • Serve and give to others

Provide life opportunities for youth to connect with God to develop their God given potential.

  • Daily devotions on Youth Connect Facebook Page
  • Weekly studies at their home church
  • Monthly activities through Youth Connect
  • Annual service trips arranged by Youth Connect

Triple the attendance within 3 years by having FUN!

  • Encourage members to bring their friends
  • Let the young people take an active role in helping decide activities
  • Do the unexpected to maintain youth interest