As we have worshiped God during the past few months, we have encountered the power of the Cross in many powerful and exciting ways.  Our Lenten theme – “Hopeful Living” – helped us to see how shaping our lives in light of the power hope can help us to not only connect but be transformed in our relationship with Jesus.  Listed below are the Biblical truths (sermon takeaways) that helped to build our Faith as we have taken them to our hearts as individuals and as a community.

  • Hopeful Living happens when we root our lives in heaven not in what happens here on Earth.
  • Hopeful Living means imitating Jesus in valuing people and helping them to experience God over everything else. This includes working to remove the obstacles, oppression, and forces of evil that stand between them and God.
  • Love is costly – and it will cost you your soul, your life, your bank account… But don’t worry – God have so much more to give you than you could ever save up on your own.
  • God is waiting for us to join the celebration!
  • Mary’s Love helps sustain Jesus as he faces the most difficult week of his life.
  • “In other words, Jesus needed Mary’s love as much as she needed to show Jesus how much she loved him. That’s pretty much how love works. How relationships work.” Karoline Lewis
  • This is how we respond & live in a world like ours… Live like Jesus!
  • Death is not purposeful or meaningful. But neither is it arbitrary.
  • Jesus ignores his own people when they are consumed with self-centeredness.
  • The Good News for all of us is that even when there is no condemnation, there is always an invitation to join with what God is already doing.
  • God’s church is a gathering of flawed people who need each other’s help to resist temptation
  • The most dangerous temptations are the ones that are subtle, easy to accept. Difficult to get rid of.
  • Resist temptation by knowing the truth (scripture) well, by prayer, and with the help of others.
  • But Jesus says one more thing: death is not as powerful as we think. Yes, death is coming for us all, but it will not overcome us—if we repent.
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