What is Prayer and why is it so important? (Part 2) 

Prayer is one of the greatest tools one can have in the world because it opens the door to a dialogue with God.  God calls out to us.  The story of scripture is the story of a God who pursues us, who wants to be in relationship with us.  Prayer is our basic component of communication.

Praying is one of the best opportunities we have that deepens our relationship with God.  Don’t let past experiences, or false perceptions, or embarrassment stop you from praying.  My desire for all of us is that the power of God’s presence, love, and grace will be unleashed in our lives through prayer.  The best way to learn about prayer… it is through praying, by yourself and with others.

Biblical truths about prayer that we need to remember.

  • Prayer opens us up to the wonder and truth of who God is.  It is more than just asking for what we want.  Prayer is about us being changed as we encounter God.
  • Prayer is our most vital form of communication with God.
  • Prayer is as much about listening as it is about asking
  • Praying with others is a great way to learn about prayer
  • Prayer illuminates the many misconceptions we have about God and our life.

Book Recommendations on Prayer. (These three books have helped to form my prayer life more than anything else I have read or experienced.).

Prayer by Richard Foster

Prayer: Does it Make any Difference? by Philip Yancy

Too Busy Not to Pray by Bill Hybels

Different Types of Prayer (not an exhaustive list). See Richard Foster’s book on prayer for further information on each of these types of prayer.

Simple Prayer                                                      Sacramental Prayer

Prayer of the Forsaken                                      Unceasing Prayer

Prayer of Examen                                               Prayer of the Heart

Prayer of Tears                                                    Meditative Prayer

Prayer of Relinquishment                                Contemplative Prayer

Formation Prayer                                               Intercessory Prayer

Covenant Prayer                                                 Healing Prayer

Prayer of Adoration                                           Prayer of Suffering

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