Midweek Soup and Worship


Alpine is bringing back two favorites for Wednesday evenings during Lent: Soup Supper in the Fellowship Hall at 6 p.m., and Holden Evening Prayer in the sanctuary at 7.


One new element will be a conversation between an Alpine member and me as the reflection during Holden Evening Prayer. The themes will come from our devotional booklet, The Road Back to God, by Larry Neeb. In order, they are: Love, Grace, Faith, Hope, and Suffering. I’m looking forward to this. Be sure to pick up your copy of The Road Back to God and to come out on Wednesdays to support and be inspired by your friends.


Here’s a bit more on the devotions. Each day’s reading and reflection is short, but thought-provoking. If you already have a practice of daily intentional time with God, then add or substitute these devotions for these 40 days. If this is a new or renewed practice for you, I recommend putting it first thing in the morning. That way your thoughts throughout the day may be guided or influenced by what you read. And if you are at all like me in this way, it’s easier to do something new before the day gets away from us.


One more word of encouragement: Take each day that you read and reflect as a gift, and give thanks to God for it. If you miss a day, you miss a day. You could read two the next day, but if you start to build a backlog, it’s better to start again with just the next day’s devotion.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Don Wink



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