God Delights in Us!

It is Feb 1 and I am sitting in my office, reflecting on change.  The weather is changing (it is getting even colder!  Is that possible?), the world is changing (it feels like it is getting more and more violent and intolerant), and even Alpine is changing.   Yet even as I sit here and ponder about changes, my eyes shift to an upcoming celebrate insert and the Old Testament reading for that week.   It comes from Isaiah 62:1-5.  In it I am reminded of one thing that doesn’t change as the world seems to be swirling all around us – the way God feels towards us.  This passage was written at a time of massive upheaval and change going on in Israel.  The message is simple, but so important.  God is not indifferent to us and our situations.  In fact, what is going on around us is of tremendous value and importance to God.

In this section of Isaiah, the prophet reminds the people of Israel (and us) that,


  1. God will not keep silent (vs.1)
  2. You shall be called by a new name (vs.2)
  3. You shall have a crown of beauty (vs.3)
  4. Be given a royal diadem (crown) (vs.3)
  5. You shall not be forsaken or termed desolate (vs.4)
  6. For the Lord delights in you (vs.4)
  7. Is committed to you (as one is committed in marriage) (vs.5)
  8. God rejoices in you. (vs.5)


All of this points to a God who cares.  To a God who wholeheartedly invests in what God cares about.  A God who is – faithful, in love, and delighting – in us.  For me, these are comforting thoughts.  We can rejoice that the future is a lot brighter because we are not alone. God is not with us out of some sense of duty or obligation, but out of a desire to display God’s own love, wonders, and splendor.  In contemporary terms we can proclaim “God Is All In.”  Fully devoted and committed to us, our relationship, and our future.  Those swirling, changing, circumstances in our lives – well… they are easy things for God to handle.  God is more than up to the task.  That is one reason why I can be fully devoted to my relationship with God and with God’s community. It is what I need most, it is where I belong, and it is an exciting place to be.

As we rely on God’s steadfastness while our lives are ever changing, let’s not forget about upcoming opportunities in lent to connect with God and God’s people.  Lenten Soup Suppers are every Wednesday during Lent (starting Feb 21st) @ 6PM with a short experiential worship service to follow at 7.  See you there!


* * * * * 

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