This Summit is the first following our recent Annual Meeting.  Our Annual Meetings each year provides us with a recap of what we, together, accomplished in the previous year.  Our meeting also begins to prepare us for the year ahead and the vision of what God will do to work through us to accomplish our mission to “share God’s love.”


We learned much about how our congregation continues to come together to serve one another and our community.  Last year many members of Alpine stepped up to ensure that even while the pandemic continues to run through our world, we are caring for each other.  On January 30th during our meeting I particularly recognized Richard Nelson and Pam Hemenway, as they have continued to be steadfast in sharing their love for this congregation and it’s members.  It seems throughout the past couple of years Richard and Pam have found God’s call for them in seeking out those in our family who have a need due to illness or health.  As I stated at our meeting we continue to appreciate the great work these two are doing to support those Alpine family members in need.  My hope is that all of us can take their example and seek out what God is calling us to do to share his love.  There are many opportunities to invest in God’s people and I’d encourage you to take time to consider what God might be calling you to do.  Last year was another tough year for everyone, but, at Alpine we continue to provide a positive caring and active space.


This year, our 80th, I look forward to working together with all of you to continue to share God’s love throughout our community.  We are currently seeking members to join in creating an 80th Anniversary Committee.  This committee will be tasked with helping us to celebrate 80 years of ongoing ministry here at Alpine.  If you are interested in joining this committee please let the office or anyone on our Church Council know.  In our 80th year we begin still working through the affects of the pandemic, however, just as we’ve been able the past couple of years, we look forward to continuing to provide ministry to our members, our neighbors, our community and the world in many unique ways.  We will continue to work on our outreach efforts and provide events for our community.  Please join us again this year in creating these opportunities of ministry together.


Thank you to everyone in our Alpine Family for your continued support and involvement in our family.  Thank you for supporting our ministries, especially Alpine Academy.  We are stronger today because of all our efforts.  We will be stronger tomorrow as we continue our work together.  Remember, “Called by Christ, Our Mission is to share God’s love.”



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