Opportunities to Grow in Our Faith!

Jonah ran from God. He knew what God wanted him to do, and he made a choice. To run away. There were several reason why he chose thus. Fear, uncertainty, and jealousy were certainly among them. God had asked Jonah to go and tell a great city that in a month’s time, God was going to destroy that city. You can imagine his apprehension. He probably wondered, “what will they do to me when they hear this? Probably blame me, and turn and harm me.” The story has a surprise though. The great city listens and decides to repent. They believe Jonah. No one, except God, could have anticipated this. You would think that this would have lead to rejoicing and a great sigh of relief on Jonah’s part. Not so. Instead of being grateful that God had used him to turn hearts towards the Lord, Jonah got bitter and angry. Why should they enjoy God’s forgiveness and grace? What had they done to earn it? Unable to come to grips with the idea that God might bestow his favor upon this city of evil foreigners, Jonah decides to give up, sit down in a desert, and allow himself to die. Sadly, too many Christians today follow Jonah’s example. They think that because they have sacrificed so much for God, that they deserve something more than those people who generally disregard God and live for themselves. When they don’t get what they deserve they become angry and bitter, and decided to give up on God, the Church, and fellowship with other Christians. It is very easy to forget a basic truth of our beliefs. We do not get what we deserve! (Thanks be to God). We all (if we put our trust and faith in Christ) get what we don’t deserve. Grace. A second chance. A new life! Learning how to embrace and enjoy this new life is what being a Christian is all about. That’s why it is so sad that Christians chose to be angry, bitter and resentful that life has not worked out the way they want, or that the Church is less than the ideal perfect they expect. Instead of embracing this new life, they turn away in judgment, pride, or sin. I urge you not to be like them. Come find out what it means to embrace a new life in Christ. Experience what it means to be a Christian.

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