Learning to Live with God

This past summer we followed along with Moses as he and the Israelites learned to live with God’s presence in their lives.  Here are a few of the highlights

  • Holding onto our anger & resentment is not a good idea. It usually escapes in the end.
  • Understanding our identity is important. Our identity shapes how we see ourselves and the world around us.
  • Our actions affect God!
  • Living with God = having a new identity.
  • Living with God = having a relationship with God.
  • We can’t live with God on our own terms.
  • In systemic injustice – both the oppressor and the oppressed are enslaved.
  • God desires freedom for everyone
  • The church (through misplaced theology) has contributed to the oppression of those who are different than us. We can begin to change this by seeing people through baptized eyes.
  • Sometimes God does not give us what we want because it will take us away from God
  • God breathes life into us through our broken parts!
  • Learning to Live with God = our lives are not our own
  • Our lives are God’s treasured possession – not to be hidden or hoarded – but to be used as a canvas to proclaim God’s love for the world.
  • Following God’s Commandments does not get us into heaven, make us right with God, or even make us more holy. Jesus did that two thousand years ago.
  • Obeying God’s commandments

* Leads us to healthy relationships

* Makes it easier for us to hear God

* Allows us to fulfill God’s mission for our lives.

  • Faith & Doubt go hand in hand because faith is about who you believe in not what you believe in.
  • Do not abandon God because you have real experiences of fear, doubt, or loss. It is these important experiences that build up our faith in God.
  • It is easy to take for granted God’s daily miracles in our lives.
  • Live Boldly & Love Courageously
  • For The Lord Your God Goes with You


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