As we continue in the process of a Transition Team and eventually a Call Committee, we should be reminded of Alpine’s Mission Statement, Core Values, and Vision Statements.


Alpine Lutheran Church

Mission Statement/Core Values/Vision Statements

Approved by Council April 16, 2015


Mission Statement

Called by Christ, our mission is to share God’s love.


Vision Statement

As Christians, we seek to connect people to God and each other, care for those in need, welcome all, and discover new ways of serving beyond ourselves.


Core Values


As we grow more in the image of Christ, we reflect Christ in our lives and in our love.


We stop asking who is going to meet our needs and start asking whose needs we can meet.


We encounter God in worship to praise God and be rejuvenated in spirit.


We proclaim that Jesus sacrificed his life with love and rose from the dead so that all people can have new life.

God’s Word

We provide teaching and learning opportunities to encounter God through the Bible.


We celebrate our Christian heritage by proclaiming God’s grace and forgiveness in all that we do.


We seek to be generous and responsible stewards of God’s creation and of our time, talents, and treasures.


As a congregation, we desire to unite in activities which broaden our knowledge and friendships so that our core values strengthen our lives.



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