God: The Real Hero of The Bible

Summer Worship Series 2022


Throughout our summer worship series, we have been examining how the Bible paints a very different picture of Heroes.  You see, there is really only one hero throughout the pages of scripture – God.  God is the hero that we need.  It is God who inspires us and guides us etc.…  What is so unique about the Bible (especially considering when it was written) is that God choose to work through some of the most ordinary and unexpected people, to accomplish God’s heroic acts.  I have been continually challenged to put my trust in God, open my life up, and then see how God movies to do some amazing stuff.  Here our takeaways form this series:


  • God – the real hero of the Bible – uses people to speak truth to people who abuse power.
  • Forgiveness and Grace have the power to break the cycle and institutions of sin. Speaking truth to power is the first step in the process of unleashing this power.
  • When fear leads us… people get hurt!
  • When we choose to do as God desires, we open the door for God’s heroic actions.
  • Are my choices, actions, and views actually saving lives? Do my choices, actions, and views help to lift suffering and despair?
  • Freedom in Christ does not free us to live at the expense of others.
  • Jesus frees and empowers us to live a life of reconciliation.
  • Balaam uses God’s blessing & power for his own benefit. This is not good.
  • Balaam punishes the weak and vulnerable when he doesn’t get his way. This is wrong.
  • God can speak through anyone, even you and me (or a donkey).
  • We must speak God’s words not our own.
  • We must learn to listen and recognize the voice of the Lord.
  • We all get a new beginning/new identity when we follow Jesus.
  • Our past no longer defines who we are or what kind of relationships we can have.
  • Recognizing how God is moving in our lives is a big part of opening our lives to God’s courageous acts.
  • The world needs to know how much they need a savior.
  • Don’t isolate yourself from the suffering and grief of people all around you.
  • Where has God placed you so that you can help the powerless?
  • Abigail demonstrates her faith by doing the right thing regardless of the cost to herself.
  • Abigail is faithful even when God does not rescue her from her circumstances.
  • In exercising her faith Abigail becomes a peacemaker. A tool of unprecedented value in God’s hands.
  • Don’t let your pride stop you from experiencing God’s power, purpose, and forgiveness in your life.
  • Don’t hold back God’s blessings or miracles. Share them freely.
  • Cling to the stories of God’s faithfulness in your life. They will get you through the hard times.



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