Faith Practices

On Monday August 3rd, we started a new theme for our online devotions.  We are examining the Faith Practices that we see outlined in the book of James.  These Faith Practices are simply the ways we “exercise our faith” or “put or faith into practice.” This is crucial for us because our faith is not just a belief or an opinion we hold.  Our faith is the trust that we have in the person or item that we believe in.  Our faith does not remain stagnant.  It is always either growing or withering away, depending on whether or not we are using/putting in into practice or ignoring it.  Exercising our faith then because important to building or growing our faith.  The more our faith grows, the more we trust in God.  The more we trust in God, the stronger and bigger the connection we have to God.  The bigger and more open this connection is, the more we experience and see God in action and the more we experience the transformation of our souls.

There are many different Faith Practices.  The book of James only outlines a few.  How these practices look changes based on our circumstances.  For example, one of the first Faith Practices we encounter in James 1:27 is caring for orphans and widows.  The practice here involves caring for people who are abused, forgotten, neglected, abandoned, and taken advantage of by society.  In our context this might mean the homeless or mentally ill in addition to orphans or widows.  James is one clear source for numerous Faith Practices, but we can find them mentioned all throughout the Bible and the history of God’s church.  Please join us in August as we explore many of these practices and endeavor to strength our faith and trust in God.  You can find these devotions on our Facebook page, You Tube Channel or via our church app.  Here are some early observations that we have discovered about our Faith Practices.

  • Faith Practices are far more life changing for us when done in community. It is in relationship with others that most of these practices were designed and where they flourish.
  • Faith Practices both meet our fundamental needs and encourage us to actively meet the needs of others.
  • Faith Practices identify basic human needs and distinguish them from what society tells us we should want
  • Faith Practices foster intimate experiences with Jesus.
  • Faith Practices often take us to places we do not want to go. Yet we are never alone.

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