Unexpected Love


Have you ever unexpectedly received a gift or an expression of love? It is a great feeling isn’t it? Emotions can overwhelm you. Often tears come to your eyes as you realize that someone, without having been obligated to, has sacrificed something significant just for you. These types of moments can have a profound effect upon us – especially if we are going through a tough or lonely time in life. These acts can bring light to darkness, hope to desperation, and meaning to what feels like insignificance.


We should never underestimate how powerful an encouraging word or an act of help can be. Often we do not always see, understand, or simply forget the impact this can have on someone’s life.  As a result, we discount its value. Or even worse, we get so caught up in our own lives, we never notice the needs, pain, or desperation of others around us. The way we organize our lives, it is just too easy for us to forget how powerful and significant our help can be to others. We don’t realize how much hope, love, friendship, and help we have to offer. This is due to the fact that we lose sight of what God wants to accomplish in our lives.


God is always concerned foremost about people. God wants us all to experience God in life changing ways. Considering all the barriers that exist between people and God, often God’s intention is that through our lives, others will experience God as well. Take forgiveness for example. Much of this world is living under a tremendous burden of guilt. It is oppressive and leads to all sorts of destructive behavior as people try to be free, yet the guilt they live with is too overwhelming. Then along comes an unexpected person (you me, or anyone else in our church) who offers forgiveness freely, without asking for remorse or contrition or anything in return (the same way that God forgives us). This can be a life changing event for someone. It can be the pivotal moment that will help them to see and understand that freedom from the oppressiveness of guilt only happens when they receive unconditional forgiveness from God.


Moments like these are so important that I believe that God can orchestrate our lives just to put us in these types of situations. The next time you are in a difficult spot, don’t ask God “why me?” Pray, “Ok God, who is it that you want me to bless today? Who needs to experience your love in this situation?” If we all adapted this attitude, think of the impact we could have on our city! God has given us a tremendous power, a power to change lives. The power to love and spread forgiveness. When was the last time we chose to use it?


* * * * *


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