“With all my heart I will praise you, O Lord my God. I will give glory to your name forever, for your love for me is very great (Psalm 86:12).”


Worshiping God is one of the core expressions of our faith.  It is an essential way we connect with God.  Through worship, we are transformed into the people God created us to be -reflections of God that bring grace, love, and forgiveness into the world.  Certainly, it has been a challenge to worship God the past several months.  Our circumstances have changed in ways that we have never experienced before.  I for one am grateful that despite these difficulties, so many of you have remained faithful, embraced a new normal, and persevered in expressing your thanks to God.

I am also excited to announce that we will once again be able to gather physically for worship.  Due to health guidelines and our commitment to everyone’s safety, this is not a return to the way it was before but instead look forward to a new way of gathering.  Yes, it will be different.  There is a new normal for all of us.  But I am grateful for your partnership with us and your desire to be part of this worshiping community.  Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. We are committed to continue our online worship services. This will not end.  Our 10:00 AM service will be our main online/live worship service.  Please join us virtually each week.
  2. Many of the people in our community cannot risk gathering together like this. We hear you and want you to know we love and appreciate you. Please feel free to stay home and continue to connect with us every Sunday via Facebook and YouTube at 10:00 AM.
  3. Starting July 12th, we will once again be having two services. 8:00 AM & 10:00 AM.  The 8:00 service will be a traditional liturgical service.  The 10:00 Service will be our main online/live broadcast service.  You are welcome to gather with us in the sanctuary for either service.
  4. Masks will be required for anyone attending our services.
  5. As you enter our building, please follow the instructions of the ushers/greeters and enter the sanctuary to be seated. Temperatures will be taken, hands sanitized, and you will encounter our new seating arrangements that will help keep social distancing.
  6. There will be no coffee hour or standing around in the gathering area. We encourage everyone to mingle outdoors in the parking lot where health guidelines and safe distancing can be more easily followed.
  7. Children’s church and the nursery, as well as choirs, bells etc… are on hold through August. Families are welcomed to attend and sit together.
  8. During services of Holy Communion, people worshiping at home or virtually will be encouraged to provide their own elements of bread and juice. In the sanctuary, elements will be prepackaged and brought to the people.

There are other changes that you will encounter as we follow guidelines form the county health department and endeavor to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Thank you so much for your patience and commitment to our community.

Pr. Dan

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