Pastor Dan’s Top 10 Ways to Encounter God this Summer!


Summer is often associated with vacations, hot weather, free time, fun, etc.…  No matter what is going on throughout the summer, I love connecting with God outside by simply grabbing a chair and sitting in a beautiful spot with my Bible and enjoying my favorite summer beverage. I encourage others to spend time soaking in the beauty of God’s creation as you connect with God in prayer, go for a walk, admire the trees, smell the flowers, and listen to the song of the birds. Spending time with God in God’s creation is such a powerful way to connect with God!  Here are some additional fun ways to connect with God (besides the obvious prayer, read your Bible and go to church).


  1. Admire God’s creation. Write, journal or paint what how you see God in God’s creation.
  2. Listen to Scripture: Download a free Bible app on iTunes or Google Play. As you take a walk, tend to your garden, or fold the laundry, you can allow God’s Word to soak into your soul!
  3. Listen to the Sounds of Creation.
  4. Listen to Worship Music
  5. Keep a Travel-sized Bible Nearby. Take it with you wherever you go and read the stories of Jesus or Creation.
  6. Volunteer you time to help those in need
  7. Try a Summer-themed Bible journaling kit or Summer-themed Devotional
  8. Read a Good Book
  9. Pray for those who are Traveling “But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you (Psalm 5:11).” Use a traveler’s notebook for quick journaling, note taking, or keeping track of prayer requests.
  10. Open your Home to Others. Invite others for a meal, picnic, a short stay or whatever.  Make your home a place where others encounter God’s grace.


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