Great Stories of the Bible

2018 Alpine Summer Worship Series


Our summer worship series at Alpine has been “Great Stories of the Bible” Each week we are encountering a famous story that many of us first heard as children.  Tragically these stories are often watered down to simple morality tales.  We forget that they were intended as stories for adults –  to help build their faith and trust in God.  Our goal is to allow our lives to be shaped by God’s great redemption story.  All of these stories have am important connecting thread… God’s great love for us and the lengths God will go to restore our relationship with God.


There are several takeaways that we have encountered so far that are crucial in helping to connect our personal stories with that of God’s greater story.  They are:


  • Our circumstances in life do not determine how God feels or is acting towards us.
  • We take part in this great story when we know and act on God’s promises
  • We stay connected to this great story when we trust that the Lord will provide, not what we want but what we need.
  • God allows us to live in this broken world so that we might “Get to know God”
  • God’s promise …. You will never suffer in vain
  • Your community (friends and family) are crucial. Choose and cultivate them wisely. When the storm comes there will not be time to develop deep relationships that you can rely on.
  • Sin destroys! When we sin, we unleash destructive forces that effect everyone.
  • Sin destroys our connections to God and the people around us.


Upcoming stories that we will encounter….


Ten Plagues July 22nd

David and Goliath July 29th

Daniel & the Lion’s Den August 5th

David and Bathsheba August 12th

3 Friends in the Fiery Pit August 19th

Esther (What to do when you become Queen) August 26th

Jonah and A Really Big Fish September 2nd

Peter Walks on Water September 9th



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