Pr. Dan’s Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Read the Bible!


  1. It connects us To God.  The Bible is the revelation of God.  That means if we read it with honesty and any kind of integrity, God will be revealed to us.  We will encounter God!
  2. It teaches us about what God has really promised us.  By knowing God’s promises, we can know how God will act in the future.
  3. It helps to strengthen our faith.  Especially as we see what true faith is and how it changes lives throughout the Bible.
  4. Spiritual formation happens as we apply Biblical truths to our lives.  Can’t apply those truths if we do not first read and learn what they are.
  5. It is an important part of spiritual warfare.  We often forget that there is a battle going on around us, fighting over our hearts, minds, and souls.  One of the key defenses we have for ourselves and for our families is the word of God.
  6. We learn how to love ourselves and others.
  7. We learn the importance of obedience and trust.  Something our culture has influenced us away from.
  8. Reading the Bible deepens our fellowship with other believers, especially as we meet and study it together.  The questions, discussions, answers, debates, and life applications all help us to understand each other better.  Travelling on this journey with others deepens our fellowship, as the Holy Spirit works in and through our relationships with others.
  9. It clears up miss-concepts and false beliefs we have about God, ourselves, and the world around us.
  10. It is one huge, great, story of love.  Although the Bible can seem overwhelming, confusing, and filled with many different parts that do not relate – this is not true!  As we read it, we discover that it is God’s story about how God is redeeming us.  Going the extra mile time after time again, to reach out and draw us back to God.


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