Celebrating Easter!


Jesus Has Risen! He Has Risen Indeed, Alleluia!  As you have probably guessed by now those are some of my favorite words to proclaim during Easter.  Easter is a celebratory season.  We celebrate new life, resurrection power – that transforms the darkness of this world, and we celebrate an everlasting hope.  A hope that is centered on the truth that Jesus has defeated death and brought healing into a broken world.  The Gospel declares that no matter how spiritual, dutiful, prayerful or dedicated we are, it is not enough to save us.  What Jesus did was sufficient.


Here is one of my favorite Easter quotes.

“Let every man and woman count themselves immortal. Let them catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection. Let them say not merely, ‘Christ is risen,’ but ‘I shall rise.’ ~ Phillips Brooks


Takeaways from our Easter Worship series


  • There is a lot to be afraid of. Easter means our fears get crowded out by Great Joy!
  • We will see Jesus! Often it is in the most unexpected of places.
  • Being afraid is normal. Allowing the fear of losing unimportant stuff is what undermines our experience of God.
  • Our faith grows as we acknowledge and wrestle with our doubts… and trust Jesus anyway.
  • Our deep resentments and disappointments towards God are often the result of false assumptions and false promises.
  • We sometimes need the help of others to see or recognize Jesus.
  • God gave up everything so that we could have life with God.
  • Easter enables us to hear and respond to God’s voice.
  • Jesus came so that we could have life and have it abundantly.
  • Sin stops us from hearing God’s voice and living that life.
  • Easter enabled the church to devote themselves to a radical form of acceptance and community.
  • Easter gives Stephen the power to stand out. People could see God’s presence in him.
  • Easter enables Stephen to live differently because he knows something greater awaits him.
  • Because Jesus lives, we will live also.
  • Advocating for others is a deep expression of love.
  • It is not our love that carries the day but God’s love.
  • God is glorified when we make God known.
  • We make God know when we radically accept and welcome people into God’s kingdom.



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