Great Stories of the Bible

2018 Alpine Summer Worship Series

“The history of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.” (Harold Goddard)

Author and Professor George Guthrie writes “As we live in the modern world, we see the power of story all around us. People have particular views of the world, and those views often are driven by the stories they have embraced. God wants to pull us into his Story and shape us by it. You may not be terribly familiar with the Old Testament stories, which play a vitally important role in telling the Grand Story, but there are a number of reasons why you should read those stories (which make up a bit less than 50% of the Old Testament). You really can’t make sense of the New Testament unless you “get” the Old Testament (see Hebrews 1:1-2a). The Old Testament narrative material is great literature, and the people, events, power struggles, personal crises, and hope we find in these stories often are as relevant as this morning’s news. Thus, the Old Testament stories, read in the right way, form an indispensable resource for Christian living.”  Here are 4 principles that he gives in our approach to reading the stories of the Bible


Read the story in light of the bigger STORY of which it is a part!

Read the story in light of its purpose.

Understand important cultural elements in the story.

Read the story, recognizing God as the Hero.


Our summer worship series at Alpine will be “Great Stories of the Bible” Each week we will tackle one of the following stories using these four principles to help connect us to God.  The goal here is to allow our lives to be shaped by God’s great redemption story.  All of these stories have am important connecting thread… God’s great love for us and the lengths God will go to restore our relationship with God.


Abraham and Isaac June 17th                                  Daniel & the Lion’s Den August 5th

Noah & The Flood June 24th                                     David and Bathsheba August 12th

Job Has Words with God July 1st                             3 Friends in the Fiery Pit August 19th

Joseph’s Coat July 8th                                                     Esther (What to do when you become Queen) August 26th

Joseph in Prison July 15th                                             Jonah and A Really Big Fish  September 2nd

Ten Plagues July 22nd                                                     Peter Walks on Water September 9th

David and Goliath July 29th



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