Reconnecting with God


Perhaps there was a time in your life when you were close to God; you felt a real connection and your relationship was strong and healthy. But then something happened…….

Perhaps you suffered a tragedy and God did not respond in the way you wanted God to, so you gave up. Perhaps you “got burned” by a pastor or priest or Rabbi or a church, so you threw up your hands and walked away. Maybe you simply became complacent and let your relationship with God slide. It could even be that you went off to college and became “enlightened” by the professors who told you there is no God who loves you.

Perhaps the disruption of the pandemic has gotten you out of sync, with God, people, and the world around you.

But now……….now you know there’s something missing. There’s an emptiness and you’re sensing that it’s time to reconnect with God.

Regardless of why you and God became “disconnected”, God is taking a step in your direction and we invite you to take a step (or two) toward God.

Reconnecting with God is our summer worship series that will offer help and insight in reconnecting and restoring your relationship with God.

Easter 2021 Takeaways

  • God’s unsettling power being unleashed into the world means that this broken world is being turned upside down.
  • We are compelled to go into this world and let them know that Hope lives. Hope can be found in Jesus.
  • Thomas was still part of Jesus’ community despite his doubts.
  • Faith grows when we act on our beliefs.
  • Look to Jesus. As The Good Shepherd, Jesus will show us how to care and protect others.
  • Jesus – The Good Shepherd/True Leader – is willing to sacrifice his life for others and his actions breathe life into people.
  • We abide in God’s love when it flows through us
  • We abide in God’s love when we allow God to love us
  • We abide in God’s love when we love God in return.
  • Transformation, a thing of beauty and value—is the God’s way of keeping us alive after something very irritating has gotten past our shell and into our heart.
  • Do not be conformed/shaped by the violence and me first attitudes of this world. Instead allow God’s mercies to transform you into something beautiful.


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