As we have worshiped God during the past few months, we have encountered the power of the Cross in many powerful and exciting ways.  Our Lenten theme – “Moving Towards The Cross” – helped us to see how shaping our lives in light of the power of the cross can help us to not only connect, but be transformed, in our relationship with Jesus.  Listed below are the Biblical truths (sermon takeaways) that helped to build our Faith as we have taken them to our hearts as individuals and as a community.


  • The cross teaches us that there was an expensive cost paid – so that we could be part of God’s family
  • Our Journey to the cross begins with surrendering.
  • Moving towards the Cross is a journey towards embracing being born from above.
  • Jesus came to save the world not condemn it.
  • The purpose of the cross was to save us from a life without God.
  • People are waiting and wanting to meet Jesus.
  • People who follow God often can’t see a miracle of God standing right in front of them.
  • God moves in our world to
  1. Remove labels
  2. To bring Hope
  3. To open our own eyes… so that we can see how sin destroys us
  • Jesus sees, feels, and understands our heartache
  • Jesus promises a powerful resurrection to anyone who believes in him
  • Do not let the fear of this world drive us away from the power of Jesus.
  • Living in faith = not knowing all the details. We trust in God’s love.
  • As we live by faith, we trust in God’s greater plan.
  • Jesus does not condemn doubts and confusion, he accommodates them. Jesus wants us to believe.
  • Jesus, who suffered the depths of human pain, is worthy of our Faith.
  • Despair and Disappointment can stifle surprise and Joy
  • Jesus came to give us real and eternal life, more and better life than we ever dreamed of.
  • God’s church is here to walk alongside you as you discover – in community with others – what that life is.
  • In moments of despair, Jesus answers with a who instead of a why.
  • In these times we need more of Jesus in our lives. With Jesus’ presence comes God’s healing and love.


* * * * * 

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